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The franchise system of DIRECTION Schools is ready up to nurture the child of today into a complete personality of tomorrow, who can confidently face the challenges of life to accomplish success in this world and Hereafter. DIRECTION Schools stand committed to the delivery of top quality value based education that honors and promotes moderate mainstream Islamic values. The primary objective of the entire school system is to produce informed, responsible, productive citizens who will be lifelong learners and successful contributors to the society.


اِھْدِنَا الصِّرَاطَ الْمُسْتَـقِيْمَ۝

“Guide us on the Straight Path.” (Holy Quran, Surah Al-Fatiha: 1, 5)
We seek Allah’s help in guidance our young generation towards the Straight Path – the successful direction of human life.


  • The Circle’ of the Logo represents the Globe (The World) expressing that the education at DIRECTION Schools has compatibility in round the world. It further demonstrates the wide exposure of our management, teachers and pupils.
  • An ‘Outline’ is shown to identify the limits and scope of Islamic sharia in our curriculum and administration.
  • The ‘Shaded Area’ shows ‘D’ of DIRECTION Schools.
  • A symbolic ‘Book’ – as the Holy Quran is highlighted to declare that our entire education is based on the commandments of the Holy Quran. And our only aim is to promote the teachings and message of the Holy Quran.
  • The ‘Sprout’ in the Logo signifies as the growth of a child. It also exhibits the care we do for each child in DIRECTION Schools as a gardener deals with a sprout by providing enough water, manages the required sunlight and secures it from all those factors which may destroy it.


“The rich vein of excellence in education within the Islamic heritage is the foundation of DIRECTION Schools. The principal objective is to implant fortified core Islamic values, societal morality, habits of personal discipline along with the excellent academic knowledge in the young generation.“ READ MORE


The sole purpose of education is to realise the greatness of Allah and the His Beloved Prophet ﷺ. Knowledge of the world and the practice of our beliefs should be integrated into a cohesive whole for education.
Education must nurtures innate intelligence with strong problem-solving and analytical abilities through hands-on active learning that allows students to experiment, collate information, draw inferences and to arrive at their own conclusions.

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The mission of DIRECTION Schools is shaping of the following Muslim character:

“A Muslim looks for spiritual goals through all his worldly efforts. Fear of Allah and Love of the Holy Prophet  is the strength of his life. His behaviour reflects Islamic morals and values. The pursuit of knowledge is among his highest priorities. Faith and action work together to lead him toward progress and service to humanity.”

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